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14 Apr, 2021

How Indoor Drone Systems in Warehouses Can Help Reduce CO2 Emissions

By: Raffaello D’Andrea, Founder of Verity & ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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9 Apr, 2021

How NASA is Accelerating Robotic Capabilities in Space & Beyond

By: Prof. Wyatt Newman, ROBO Global Strategic Advisor & Expert in Robot Control

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5 Apr, 2021

The Pandemic is Sparking a Global Surge in Robots and Automation

By Prof. Ken Goldberg, PhD

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1 Feb, 2021

ROBO Brief: A 3D Printing Rebound, AI in COVID Testing & Netflix's Next Level Growth

This week, we discuss the recent rebound across the 3D printing market, Fulgent's use of its sophisticated AI technology for COVID testing, and Netflix's incredible growth despite the competitive landscape of media streaming. Please enjoy these insights from our research team.

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17 Dec, 2020

ROBO Brief: Ambarella's AI Capabilities, An IPO Frenzy & More

This week, we discuss Ambarella's growth into AI with its new computer vision capabilities, the major developments happening in the world of precision medicine, and the unprecedented valuation multiples of DoorDash and Airbnb. Please enjoy these insights from our research team.

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9 Dec, 2020

Robotics and AI Trends: The 2021 Edition

By Bill Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global

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12 Nov, 2020

ROBO Brief: E-Commerce & Exact Sciences Expands into Cancer Detection

This week, we explore all things e-commerce from the tremendous growth in online grocery as seen through Ocado's performance to the ambitious plans for online retailers heading into the holiday season. We also discuss the expansion of Exact Sciences into early cancer detection after the acquisition of ThrivePlease enjoy these insights from our research team.

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25 Sep, 2020

How COVID-19 Exposed Opportunities for Robotics in 2020

By: Dr. Henrik Christensen, ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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27 Aug, 2020

ROBO Brief: E-commerce Growth in China, A New Healthcare App & Prenatal Testing News

This week, we explore a new healthcare app that allows clinicians to communicate with the families of patients, new guidelines for noninvasive prenatal testing, and a recent boom for two Chinese e-commerce companies. Please enjoy these investment insights from our research team.

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13 Aug, 2020

ROBO Brief: Telehealth Soars, Acquisition Activites & E-commerce Enabling Small Business

This week, we dive into recent ROBO acquisition activities, the massive growth occurring across telehealth, and how some e-commerce companies are providing key AI analysis to both small and big businesses alike. Please enjoy these insights from our research team.

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