ROBO Brief: Amazon Acquiring iRobot, Supply Chain Event Takeaways & More

    Let's discuss Amazon’s $1.7B acquisition of iRobot, key takeaways from the largest supply chain industry events, and spotlight an incredible new imaging machine from leading med-tech company, Globus.


    Please enjoy these insights from our research team.


    iStock-RoombaROBO: Amazon to Aquire iRobot for $1.7B All-Cash Deal

    Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot, the robotic vacuuming pioneer and a member of ROBO and THNQ, will impact the smart home industry more than most would believe. Amazon will acquire the Roomba maker in an all-cash deal valued at $1.7 billion or $61 per share, making it its fourth largest acquisition to date. This represents just a little over 1x enterprise sales and 20% above the closing price on August 4. If approved by regulators, the acquisition will extend Amazon’s dominance in the connected smart home market.

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    IMG_7484THNQ: Technology & the Supply Chain? The Demand is Stronger than Ever

    Recent stresses on the supply chain have retailers and manufacturers calling in robots and automation to the rescue. The COVID-19 pandemic, labor shortages, and port delays exposed weaknesses across supply chain operations and inventory management. Now, those companies are seeking out technologies to help provide solutions to both fix current issues and leapfrog into a more automated, intelligent, and sustainable logistics platform.

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    HTEC: Globus Launches Imaging System of the Future

    We continue to see that the demand for robotics and automation in healthcare remains strong, as evidenced by Globus Medical, a leading med tech company focused on musculoskeletal solutions. Globus recently reported that its Enabling Technologies business saw its best quarter in company history, up 42%, which was driven by high demand for its robotic systems. It also successfully launched its new imaging system, Excelsius3D, and has been receiving positive early feedback from its first users.

    Excelsius3D is a 3-in-1 imaging platform that combines cone-beam CT, fluoroscopy, and digital radiography in one system. It also offers intelligent maneuverability, such as haptic-touch response and smart position memory, which boosts automation of the procedure. It also has a visualization capability that brings a 50% larger view than competitors. Finally, the system can rotate 360%, thus providing high-quality 3D images. Hospitals now more than ever need to enhance their ability to do more with less, and Globus continues to illustrate its technology leadership position by rising to meet healthcare’s needs.

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