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2 Aug, 2019

Giving viruses a taste of their own medicine

New technology is exploiting a virus’s capability to enter the human body and deliver therapy, rather than disease.  It’s called a viral vector, and it’s one of the fastest growing themes in precision medicine due to its increasing accuracy in treating rare diseases. Here is a brief look at this innovative technology, and the genomics and precision medicine companies within the ROBO Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation Index (HTEC) that provide investors with exposure to this theme.

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25 Jul, 2019

Qiagen: The most ubiquitous company in molecular diagnostics

With over 500,000 customers, Qiagen’s products are used in almost every molecular biology lab in the world. Qiagen’s “Sample to Insight” mission aims to offer end-to-end solutions to clinical labs and life science companies. The company has the #1 market leadership position in sample technologies that are used in every application in molecular biology (e.g. liquid biopsy, CRISPR, AAV). Qiagen’s strategy is to leverage its large client base to cross-sell its new solutions, including fully automated instruments and insights from bioinformatic software. Overall, Qiagen’s market leadership position, combined with its growing portfolio of technology and automation solutions, make it a good fit for our ROBO Global Robotics, Automation, and AI Index (ROBO), and our ROBO Global Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index (HTEC).

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