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27 May, 2020

From Ghost Kitchens to Alphabots, broken supply chains are primed for a fix

By Chris Buck, ROBO Global

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7 Dec, 2018

In the age of Amazon and Alibaba, logistics automation is the key to competing with giants

E-commerce has exploded. A decade ago, the industry barely existed. But in the age of Amazon and Alibaba, retailers with any hope of competing must adapt, adopt, and automate—or perish. This focus on automation had already driven the logistics automation market to astronomical highs. Valued at over $46B today, the market is projected to nearly double in the next five years[1]. Much of this growth can be directly attributed to the e-commerce boon and soaring consumer demand for quick, easy online retail.

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2 Oct, 2017


September 2017 was a big month for robotics fundings, acquisitions, and IPOs. 26 different startups were funded to the tune of $485 million, up from $369 million in August. Six acquisitions were reported during the month including Deere’s acquisition of California Blue River Technology for $305 million. And Restoration Robotics’ IPO will start being listed on NASDAQ early in October.

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