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2 Dec, 2020

The Future of Robotics & AI Investing: A Q&A with MIT’s Daniela Rus

Jeremie Capron, director of research, and Lisa Chai, senior research analyst, had the opportunity to sit down with our ROBO Global strategic advisor Professor Daniela Rus, the director of MIT's Computer Science and AI lab, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy for Arts and Science.

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25 Sep, 2020

How COVID-19 Exposed Opportunities for Robotics in 2020

By: Dr. Henrik Christensen, ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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31 Aug, 2020

MIT’s disinfection robot: Using UVC radiation to eradicate COVID-19

By Daniela Rus, Strategic Advisor

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22 Jul, 2020

When COVID raises questions, AI provides answers

By Illah Nourbakhsh, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, and ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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20 Jul, 2020

MIT’s Emergency Ventilation Project: Addressing the global ventilator shortage during COVID

By Daniela Rus, ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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