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24 Feb, 2021


16 Feb, 2021

ROBO Brief: 3 Tech Companies Exceeding Investor Expectations

This week, we discuss Brooks Automation's mind-blowing returns, how Natera is using AI to analyze its genetic testing data, and why Varonis Systems is seeing such strong growth. We also have a webinar covering M&A activity across disruptive technology on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 10am CT which you can register for here.

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11 Feb, 2021

5G Adoption in 2021: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Going?

By: Lisa Chai, Sr. Research Analyst, ROBO Global

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9 Feb, 2021

Investing in Sustainable Innovation: ESG Across Disruptive Tech

By: Richard Lightbound, ROBO Global CEO, EMEA

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1 Feb, 2021

ROBO Brief: A 3D Printing Rebound, AI in COVID Testing & Netflix's Next Level Growth

This week, we discuss the recent rebound across the 3D printing market, Fulgent's use of its sophisticated AI technology for COVID testing, and Netflix's incredible growth despite the competitive landscape of media streaming. Please enjoy these insights from our research team.

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15 Jan, 2021

ROBO Global Quarterly Review Q4 2020

The ROBO Global Innovation Indices ended 2020 with a bang, largely outperforming global equities.

The Robotics & Automation Index (ROBO) returned 45.3% for the year, the Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ) increased 68.2%, and the Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index (HTEC) rose 66.6%. While the turbocharging of digitization trends will likely continue in 2021, we also expect a broadening of the economic recovery and with M&A accelerating, the setup for robotics, AI and healthcare technologies looks attractive. In this report, we discuss key trends and big movers across our index portfolios.

We believe our portfolios are well positioned to continue to outperform in this environment, with significant international, small and mid-cap exposure, and a high level of M&A activity. The ROBO strategies are specifically focused on technology disruptors that are positioned to gain share as the digitalization of the economy accelerates, many of which have been massive beneficiaries of this shift—especially companies in the areas of artificial intelligence, factory and logistics automation, enterprise software, and healthcare technologies.

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23 Dec, 2020

How Vocera Replaces Chaos with Quiet in Hospitals

By Nina Deka, Senior Research Analyst, ROBO Global

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21 Dec, 2020

Ambarella: A case for a ‘boring’ investment strategy

By William Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global, LLC

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17 Dec, 2020

ROBO Brief: Ambarella's AI Capabilities, An IPO Frenzy & More

This week, we discuss Ambarella's growth into AI with its new computer vision capabilities, the major developments happening in the world of precision medicine, and the unprecedented valuation multiples of DoorDash and Airbnb. Please enjoy these insights from our research team.

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9 Dec, 2020

Robotics and AI Trends: The 2021 Edition

By Bill Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global

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