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6 Jul, 2020

Creating smart warehouses with human-robot collaboration

By Raffaello D’Andrea, PhD, ROBO Global co-founder and strategic advisor

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5 Sep, 2019


21 Aug, 2019

It’s Not a Battle with the Bots: Bettering Our Existing & Emerging Workforce to Thrive in the Future of Work

Today, more people are using mobile phones than toothbrushes globally[1]. It’s no secret that technology is transforming the way we work and live. From warehouses to retail to healthcare, we’re seeing shifting requirements for our roles in the workplace that, for many, can feel like a threat. And yet, our relationship with robotics doesn’t need to be confined to the negative narrative that is often relayed. By reacting to the challenge in a positive way and by proactively educating the next generation, we can transform our markets, our work, and our lives.

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20 Aug, 2019

Hate making your bed? Robots are using deep learning and depth sensing for everyday tasks

By Ken Goldberg, William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering, UC Berkeley; ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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8 Aug, 2019

Spotlight on the AI pioneer behind Sophia the Robot: Ben Goertzel

Last week, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview one of the brightest minds in robotics and AI today: Ben Goertzel. As the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, the company that created the AI robot Sophia, Ben is a true innovator and a visionary in the field. He is a founder and the current CEO of SingularityNET, a company that focuses on bringing AI and blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AI; the chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation; an advisor to Singularity University; and a research professor in the Fujian Key Lab for Brain-Like Intelligent Systems at Xiamen University of Technology, China. Ben also served as the director of research of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (formerly the Singularity Institute).

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5 Aug, 2019

Turnkey Tech Investing: July 2019 Market Brief

For the first half of the year, the emphasis for the market overall was on the “climb.” Recently, however, the challenge has been getting the upper hand. For those with a short-term time horizon, it will be challenging to understand central bank policies or the ultimate outcome of the escalating global trade war. While these issues have most certainly presented a challenge, for those with their eyes on the long-term destination, recent investments in the theme point to future growth.

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20 Jul, 2019

AI in the Workplace: Say hello to your newest co-workers

By Henrik Christensen, PhD, Qualcomm Chancellor’s Chair in Robot Systems, Director Contextual Robotics, UC San Diego; ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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3 Jul, 2019

China’s rise to AI dominance: from threat to opportunity

If you tuned in to the first round of the Democratic primary candidate debates, you know that one of the hottest topics in Miami was China. It came as no surprise. Trump’s tariff wars have put the spotlight on China—a country that is now viewed by many as the biggest external threat to the US today. Not only does China pose economic and military threats to the US, but its aggressive initiative to become the world leader in AI is working.

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27 Jun, 2019


21 Jun, 2019

AI is shaping the future of shopping and investors stand to benefit

At the local Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York, customers are getting a first-hand look at the future of shopping. It is here that Walmart is putting artificial intelligence (AI) to the test, applying advanced technologies to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service in its stores nationwide. Cameras and real-time analytics work together to send automatic alerts when an item is out-of-stock, and then prompt store associates to re-stock the shelves. Using sophisticated demand forecast algorithms, the system even tells workers the precise quantity that should be replaced to help reduce waste while ensuring customer needs are met consistently.

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