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16 Mar, 2020

Speed is Vital in Combating Coronavirus: How Companies in the HTEC Index are Stepping Up

For many healthcare companies, the new coronavirus will likely cause a near-term impact on P&Ls, as hospital purchasing for anything other than ventilators, masks, and tests will be on hold until the crisis is fully managed. Despite near term headwinds, leading healthcare companies are stepping up to help combat the outbreak, and demonstrating their ability to innovate at an unprecedented pace. As an expansion to our recent Coronavirus update, below we highlight companies in the HTEC Index that are developing or enabling breakthrough technology to identify and treat COVID-19. We believe these companies’ rapid responses provide a strong testament to their market leadership.

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23 Oct, 2019

Seeking a long-term investment with boundless growth potential?

By Travis Briggs, CEO, ROBO Global

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