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    April 6, 2023

    VettaFi Acquires the ROBO Global Index Suite

    ROBO Global is a leading provider of research-driven disruptive technology portfolios; acquisition boosts total assets tracking VettaFi indexes to more than $17 billion  

    VettaFi, a data, analytics, digital distribution, and thought leadership company that helps asset managers solve their most pressing and complex challenges, is today announcing that it has acquired the ROBO Global index suite.  

    With the acquisition of this suite, VettaFi’s full range of index solutions now underpins more than $17 billion in ETFs and other investment vehicles.  


    “Continuing to build the industry’s most robust suite of thematic indexing solutions is at the core of our mission at VettaFi and one of the tasks that drew me to this team,” said Brian Coco, who joined VettaFi in 2022 from J.P. Morgan Asset Management as Head of Index Products. “Whether the focus is on innovative thematic investment ideas, mega-trends, or broad equity exposures, we can provide asset managers with a complete range of indexing solutions. With the intellectual property and talent we’ve acquired through this deal, we are better equipped than ever to develop highly customized and differentiated indexing approaches.” 


    ROBO Global indexes focus on helping investors capture the unique opportunities of fast-growing robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology companies around the world. The suite includes the first benchmark indexes tracking the robotics and AI revolution for investors.  


    The ROBO Global indexes now part of VettaFi’s index offerings include: 


    • The ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index; 
    • The ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index; and 
    • The ROBO Global Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index.  


    The earliest of the ROBO Global indexes has a live track record dating back to 2013. ROBO Global indexes have seen significant adoption by a variety of product issuers in both the U.S. and UK (where ROBO Global indexes have underpinned UCITS vehicles since 2014). There are currently 15 products worldwide that license a ROBO Global benchmark.  


    “We’re very pleased that VettaFi will be the new home for the ROBO Global family of indexes,” added Travis Briggs, CEO of ROBO Global. “This suite of indexes was founded to capture the wide range of opportunities emerging in robotics, automation, AI, and healthcare. Each of those categories is now far past the emerging stage, making the right benchmarks essential for both asset managers and investors. VettaFi’s focus on innovation is philosophically aligned with ours, and these indexes are a natural fit with the range of solutions VettaFi has on offer."  


    VettaFi is a one-stop resource for everything asset managers need to build successful, differentiated businesses, with indexing as a major pillar and focus for future innovation. 


    “We are thrilled to add the ROBO Global suite to VettaFi’s existing family of thematic indexes, as indexing is one of the most vibrant corners of the investment management industry,” said Leland Clemons, CEO of VettaFi. “Our clients and our prospective clients will be very excited about the range of indexing ideas and approaches we can now bring to bear on their behalf, in tandem with all of the data, analytics, and digital distribution offerings that make up the full range of VettaFi solutions.”   


    More information on VettaFi can found here: 


    About VettaFi  

    VettaFi LLC, a data, analytics, and thought leadership company, is transforming financial services from an industry to a community—one relationship at a time. Engaging millions of investors annually, VettaFi cultivates an industry leading data-driven platform, built to empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor.   

    In addition to providing interactive online tools and research, VettaFi offers asset managers an array of indexing and digital distribution solutions to innovate and scale their businesses.   

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