Rethinking the Logistics Roadmap: Using Tech to Transform the Supply Chain

    By: Lisa Chai, Sr Research Analyst & Erica Allaby, Content Manager

    When it comes to tracking our online orders as customers, we have one concern and one concern only: a delivery date and time. But what happens when we pull the curtain back to expose the multi-step, back-end process required of retail fulfillment today? The answer is more complex than you might imagine.

    In this report, we’ll provide a better understanding of the current logistics environment and why the supply chain is broken. More importantly, we’ll take a deep dive into how and where technology can be applied to fix it and the innovative companies paving a new, more efficient logistics roadmap.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Re-evaluating the Logistics Roadmap
    2. Building Supply Chains That Fuel Growth: Discussions with the Decision Makers
    3. Overarching Challenges for Retailers
    4. Delivery Demand: The Complexity of Transportation
    5. Reverse Logistics: The Complicated Process of Returning Products
    6. Investable Technology Companies Transforming the Supply Chain
    7. Private Companies Developing Autonomous Technologies for the Supply Chain
    8. Investing in the Smart Supply Chain of the Future


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