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A roundup for investors

1 Apr, 2020

Investing Amid the Coronavirus Meltdown

In this exclusive report, ROBO Global advisor Louis-Vincent Gave, the founding partner and CEO of famed independent research firm Gavekal, discusses the perfect storm of three ongoing crises - the COVID-19 pandemic, energy solvency, and the liquidity crisis; and three resolutions. Investors should get ready for a world where interest rates stay very low for a very long time, where budget deficits go absolutely through the roof, and where the incentive of the average worker to go to work is muted by very generous government programs. In such a world, investing in the likely surge in robotics investments may not be a bad idea.

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7 Feb, 2020

Healthcare Tech Races to Treat Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Nina Deka, Senior Research Analyst, ROBO Global

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18 Dec, 2019

A Decade of Growth in Robotics, AI & Healthcare Innovation

Technology quietly transformed the way we live throughout the 2010s. The rapid pace of revolutions and evolutions came and went so quickly that companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix quickly became tokens in our households and our daily lives. Perhaps most incredibly, this all occurred in an unrealized, ubiquitous manner over the course of just ten short years. At ROBO Global, we stand with conviction behind the incredible investment opportunity that lies in these very technologies and the tremendous growth potential that we anticipate in the coming decades.

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4 Dec, 2019

Thematic Investing: The Intersection of Robotics and AI

By Prof. Wyatt Newman, PhD

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8 Aug, 2019

Spotlight on the AI pioneer behind Sophia the Robot: Ben Goertzel

Last week, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview one of the brightest minds in robotics and AI today: Ben Goertzel. As the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, the company that created the AI robot Sophia, Ben is a true innovator and a visionary in the field. He is a founder and the current CEO of SingularityNET, a company that focuses on bringing AI and blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AI; the chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation; an advisor to Singularity University; and a research professor in the Fujian Key Lab for Brain-Like Intelligent Systems at Xiamen University of Technology, China. Ben also served as the director of research of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (formerly the Singularity Institute).

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28 Jun, 2019

Investing in healthcare technology and innovation

At ROBO Global, we believe robotics, automation, and AI to be the next technological revolution—perhaps the most important in our lifetime. It is a global shift that is comparable to the introduction of electricity in the early 20th century and, more recently, to the adoption of the Internet and mobile technologies over the last two decades. To enable investors to gain exposure to best-in-class companies across these key robotics and AI applications, ROBO Global created the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index in 2013. Investors familiar with the ROBO index have taken note that companies leading the charge—many of which are included in our research-driven strategy—have significantly outperformed equity markets in recent years.

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21 Jun, 2019

AI is shaping the future of shopping and investors stand to benefit

At the local Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York, customers are getting a first-hand look at the future of shopping. It is here that Walmart is putting artificial intelligence (AI) to the test, applying advanced technologies to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service in its stores nationwide. Cameras and real-time analytics work together to send automatic alerts when an item is out-of-stock, and then prompt store associates to re-stock the shelves. Using sophisticated demand forecast algorithms, the system even tells workers the precise quantity that should be replaced to help reduce waste while ensuring customer needs are met consistently.

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24 May, 2019

AI: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare stands out as one of the least digitized economic sectors and a bona fide latecomer to the opportunity of automation. While other industries have made great strides leveraging the power of automation everywhere from the factory floor to the living room floor, healthcare had seemed content to remain in a state of complacency, with extremely low productivity gains in the past decade. Even as robot-assisted surgery was making headlines, the rest of the healthcare supply chain seemed stuck in a pre-AI (artificial intelligence) world. Today, all that is changing fast. With advancements in machine learning, sensing, vision, and computing power has come a new era of healthcare—one in which AI touches every point of the patient journey to literally transform healthcare as we know it. From therapeutic and diagnostic tools, to patient treatment support, drug discovery, and more, this new wave of change will completely transform the healthcare industry and ultimately achieve its greatest goals: better patient care and better patient outcomes.

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9 May, 2019

Investing in the promise of a longer life

At long last, the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation. It’s a past-due shift in an area that seemed to remain stagnant for decades, even as the world around it evolved at a rapid pace. But new technologies are finally making change possible, moving from a healthcare model focused on caring for the sick to one that is focused on prediction, prevention, and the eradication of disease. The expected result: a longer lifespan—as well as a plethora of new investment opportunities for those interested in making the most of an area that is likely to see one of the biggest boons from the robotics and AI revolution.

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22 Apr, 2019

Are you investing in a masterpiece—or a cheap imitation?

Dan Robbins died on April Fools’ Day this year at the age of 93. It seemed somewhat appropriate for the creator of that once favorite American hobby: paint-by-numbers. Robbins came up with the idea back in the 1940s after learning that Leonardo da Vinci had numbered the sections of his canvases to instruct his apprentices where to paint a certain color. The result was a simple, plug-and-play method that allowed even those of us without a creative bone in our bodies to “paint” like an artist. When each color is applied according to the numbers, the final product can look almost shockingly impressive—from a distance. But take a step closer and it’s easy to recognize the lack of artistry involved. Coloring between the lines creates the illusion, but it by no means results in a true masterpiece.

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