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5 Jul, 2019

Turnkey Tech Investing: June 2019 Market Brief

Despite fears of a prolonged U.S./China trade war, escalating geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, and slowing global growth, global equity markets finished June with solid gains. The ROBO portfolio gained 10.3% for the month, easily outpacing a 6.5% gain for ACWI.

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7 May, 2019

New tariff threat offers robotics & AI exposure at a discount

The markets are jittering again as US-China trade negotiations enter the final stretch. Just days ahead of a scheduled visit of China’s trade team to Washington, President Trump renewed his threat to ramp up tariffs on $200B of Chinese imports from 10% to 25%. The news hit stocks hard on Monday and Tuesday—especially robotics and automation companies. At ROBO Global, we believe that such a pullback presents investors with a rare opportunity to increase exposure to robotics, automation and AI companies at discounted prices.

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23 Apr, 2019

Gaining Global Robotics Exposure: A Q&A with ROBO Global Director of Research Jeremie Capron

Q. How do you see AI impacting the investment world?

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22 Oct, 2018

ESG investing in the age of transparency

We have entered an extraordinary age of transparency. For the first time in history, shareholders, customers, employees, and society as a whole are demanding that businesses make themselves 100% visible. The outside world is now seeking an open window into every aspect of operations, such as financial data, employee grievances, email communication, #MeToo scandals, and more. Included on that long and growing list is ESG—a company’s environmental, social, and governance policies. And almost every piece of that information is available online to anyone who knows how and where to look.

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11 Oct, 2018

Investing in robotics & AI? Understanding the trajectory is key

By Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO, Gavekal Research and Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global

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21 Sep, 2018

International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018

Last week we attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, and we returned with increased confidence in our bullish outlook for the robotics and automation market. From what we saw, there is no doubt: the factory of the future is now!

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