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14 Mar, 2019

When a rose is not a rose: Defining the theme of robotics, automation & AI

Just six years ago, ROBO Global was a lonely voice in the world of robotics investing. While many saw robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI) as an exciting theme, almost everyone was quick to recognize the momentous challenge of making sense of this fractured and almost completely unstructured space. Who were the real front-runners? Who were the emerging players? How would the theme unfold in the years to come? It was obvious that with so many moving parts, the answers to these key questions were changing quickly—and sometimes dramatically. Sectors that appeared stagnant would suddenly take off as investors scrambled to capture new growth. Others that seemed poised to create massive change would hit an unexpected snag, either in technology or demand, and stall completely.

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21 Nov, 2018

Here’s what’s coming in the world of robotics and AI. Investors: Are you ready?

Any experienced investor knows that a down market isn’t something to dread. In fact, if you’re investing for the long term, it’s something to celebrate. If today’s market has you wondering where to invest to help bolster your portfolio down the road, one of the most exciting places to look is robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI).

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31 Aug, 2018

5 Years later, Wall Street is finally paying attention to robotics and AI

What a different world it was just 5 years ago. At that time, robotics and AI still seemed like something straight out of a summer blockbuster. In most people’s minds, it was pure fantasy. Very few people understood it, and even fewer believed in it as an investable opportunity.

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13 Jul, 2018

In today’s trade war, robotics, automation, and AI may be the only winners

You’ve heard it over and over again: No one wins in a trade war. As the trade war between the US and China continues to escalate, the tariffs and barriers on imported products threaten to slow business activity, create supply chain friction, and dampen international trade—not only between the two countries themselves, but around the globe. So, in a general sense, it’s true. No one wins a trade war.

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