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28 Jun, 2019

Investing in healthcare technology and innovation

At ROBO Global, we believe robotics, automation, and AI to be the next technological revolution—perhaps the most important in our lifetime. It is a global shift that is comparable to the introduction of electricity in the early 20th century and, more recently, to the adoption of the Internet and mobile technologies over the last two decades. To enable investors to gain exposure to best-in-class companies across these key robotics and AI applications, ROBO Global created the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index in 2013. Investors familiar with the ROBO index have taken note that companies leading the charge—many of which are included in our research-driven strategy—have significantly outperformed equity markets in recent years.

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9 May, 2019

Investing in the promise of a longer life

At long last, the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive transformation. It’s a past-due shift in an area that seemed to remain stagnant for decades, even as the world around it evolved at a rapid pace. But new technologies are finally making change possible, moving from a healthcare model focused on caring for the sick to one that is focused on prediction, prevention, and the eradication of disease. The expected result: a longer lifespan—as well as a plethora of new investment opportunities for those interested in making the most of an area that is likely to see one of the biggest boons from the robotics and AI revolution.

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8 Mar, 2019

Spotlight on Asia: A conversation with Morten Paulsen

By Jeremie Capron, Head of Research, ROBO Global

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5 Apr, 2018

Even in a down market, the robotics trajectory is up and away!

Investing in a down market requires a higher level of due diligence. While it can feel a bit more daunting, if you’re aiming for long-term gains, you can actually find yourself in a sweet spot—especially if you’re able to identify opportunities that are poised for growth, no matter what the state of the market overall. If you’re seeking a buy low/sell high opportunity (and, quite frankly, who isn’t?), the first place to look may be the exciting and fast-growing universe of robotics.

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