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29 Apr, 2020

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Wheels Up for On-demand Healthcare

During a time when other industries have been grounded, the telemedicine industry has taken off into the mainstream, fueled by the global health crisis. In an effort to assess the sustainability of this growth, we conducted a survey of 1,015 consumers across the U.S., at varying ages and income levels. As telemedicine emerges as one of the most transformative themes in healthcare tech today, we have identified multiple vectors that could further fuel growth for years to come, such as repeat visits, mental health, and chronic condition management. Telemedicine’s rapid growth is just one of many key contributors to the ROBO Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation Index (HTEC) year-to-date outperformance of +5%, compared to global equities, down -12%.*

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16 Mar, 2020

Speed is Vital in Combating Coronavirus: How Companies in the HTEC Index are Stepping Up

For many healthcare companies, the new coronavirus will likely cause a near-term impact on P&Ls, as hospital purchasing for anything other than ventilators, masks, and tests will be on hold until the crisis is fully managed. Despite near term headwinds, leading healthcare companies are stepping up to help combat the outbreak, and demonstrating their ability to innovate at an unprecedented pace. As an expansion to our recent Coronavirus update, below we highlight companies in the HTEC Index that are developing or enabling breakthrough technology to identify and treat COVID-19. We believe these companies’ rapid responses provide a strong testament to their market leadership.

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7 Oct, 2019

Who has the real answer to the US healthcare crisis?

It’s said that the more things change, the more they remain the same. That could certainly be said about the upcoming 2020 US presidential election. Just as it was in the last election cycle, healthcare remains the number-one voting concern for voters who see out-of-control drug prices, diminishing health-insurance benefits, and rising healthcare premiums as threats to their wallets—if not their livelihoods.

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2 Aug, 2019

Giving viruses a taste of their own medicine

New technology is exploiting a virus’s capability to enter the human body and deliver therapy, rather than disease.  It’s called a viral vector, and it’s one of the fastest growing themes in precision medicine due to its increasing accuracy in treating rare diseases. Here is a brief look at this innovative technology, and the genomics and precision medicine companies within the ROBO Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation Index (HTEC) that provide investors with exposure to this theme.

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25 Jul, 2019

Qiagen: The most ubiquitous company in molecular diagnostics

With over 500,000 customers, Qiagen’s products are used in almost every molecular biology lab in the world. Qiagen’s “Sample to Insight” mission aims to offer end-to-end solutions to clinical labs and life science companies. The company has the #1 market leadership position in sample technologies that are used in every application in molecular biology (e.g. liquid biopsy, CRISPR, AAV). Qiagen’s strategy is to leverage its large client base to cross-sell its new solutions, including fully automated instruments and insights from bioinformatic software. Overall, Qiagen’s market leadership position, combined with its growing portfolio of technology and automation solutions, make it a good fit for our ROBO Global Robotics, Automation, and AI Index (ROBO), and our ROBO Global Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index (HTEC).

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11 Jul, 2019

At PTC, augmented reality is creating a whole new world

Augmented reality. The highly hyped phrase itself conjures up images of a fantastical future. And yet, in the case of ROBO Global Index member PTC, those images actually live up to the hype. A leader in CAD (computer-aided design) and PLM (product lifecycle management), PTC has successfully pivoted its focus toward the Internet of Things, or IoT. The company now boasts a growing ecosystem of customers that are using its comprehensive IoT software development stack to create the future of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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28 Jun, 2019

Tecan: Enabling the disruption of life science and diagnostics

At a recent visit to our New York office, Achim von Leoprechting, the new CEO of Switzerland-based Tecan, shared how the Swiss company’s technology is helping to revolutionize the life sciences industry. Following our conversation, we remain bullish on the long-term growth outlook for this market leader in lab automation for life science and research organizations. What does the company do exactly? Tecan provides the chassis, nuts, and bolts that enable genomic research and drug discovery—two of the fastest growing trends in healthcare.

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28 Jun, 2019

Investing in healthcare technology and innovation

At ROBO Global, we believe robotics, automation, and AI to be the next technological revolution—perhaps the most important in our lifetime. It is a global shift that is comparable to the introduction of electricity in the early 20th century and, more recently, to the adoption of the Internet and mobile technologies over the last two decades. To enable investors to gain exposure to best-in-class companies across these key robotics and AI applications, ROBO Global created the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index in 2013. Investors familiar with the ROBO index have taken note that companies leading the charge—many of which are included in our research-driven strategy—have significantly outperformed equity markets in recent years.

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14 Sep, 2018

Brooks Automation Strives for Life Sciences Leadership

Wise business moves aren’t always recognized immediately, but for Brooks Automation, divesting its semiconductor cryogenics business to Edward Group, an affiliate of Atlas Copco, for $675M in cash delivered a big same-day reward: an immediate pop in its share price of more than 30%. The company has said it plans to use the influx of cash to spur its fast-growing life sciences business. The notable bump in price was just more good news that highlighted the company’s stunning performance overall. Brooks Automation stock is up 49% YTD (2018) and has nearly tripled in the past two years at +189%, making it one of the top performance leaders of the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index.

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