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23 Oct, 2019

Seeking a long-term investment with boundless growth potential?

By Travis Briggs, CEO, ROBO Global

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5 Jun, 2019

Turnkey Tech Investing: May 2019 Market Brief

Between trade conflicts, tweets, earnings reports, tweets, weak data, and more tweets, investors seem both exhausted and confused. And for good reason. As if the US/China trade situation wasn’t enough to ratchet up investor angst in recent weeks, next came the Mexico tariffs right out of left field. Then the market tumbled, then Powell hinted at a possible cut in interest rates to help steady the rocky ship. The current geopolitical environment is adding fuel to the fire, begging the question as to whether or not we may be reaching a tipping point with regard to nationalistic tendencies and, if so, what it could mean for global growth going forward. At this point, investors simply don’t know which way to turn.

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14 Feb, 2019

AI is coming! Investors: Are you ready?


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4 Jan, 2019

2019: The Year AI Comes Alive!

Heading into 2019, investors are being plagued by a laundry list of concerns. And while many of the major issues worrying the market have been addressed (the perception of complacency has been flushed out; interest rates are heading back to normal; and Powell has given doves hope even while signaling lower growth, pending inflation, and the need to be data dependent), now is the time to focus on investing—and staying invested—in the future growth of what has been called the most important investment opportunity of our generation: robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI).

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5 Dec, 2018

ROBO Global’s sub-index series puts research and trend monitoring at your fingertips

The robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence sector—or RAAI—has been grabbing headlines as one of the most sought after investment opportunities of the decade. That opportunity has led to a flood of robotics-themed investment products hitting the market in the past 24 months. Navigating this expanding landscape can be a complex and time-consuming puzzle.

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30 Oct, 2018

In robotics & AI, now is the time to dive in and buy the weakness

The market may have taken a turn, but in the world of robotics and AI, the future remains glaringly bright. That’s great news for those already invested in what has been called the greatest investment opportunity of our generation. It may be even better news for investors who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the ideal time to dive in.

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11 Oct, 2018

Investing in robotics & AI? Understanding the trajectory is key

By Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO, Gavekal Research and Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global

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26 Sep, 2018

3 Reasons Investors are Turning to Robotics & AI

"The most unloved bull market in history” has continued to barrel forward, and its age alone has many investors worrying about what’s just around the corner. I get it. On August 15, the bull market became the longest in recent history—and that was more than a month ago. Last week we watched the Dow climb another 2.25% and the S&P 500 rose 0.85%—now up more than 300% since March 2009. And though the NASDAQ was down just a touch, it was still within an arm’s length of its August peak. Unless something unforeseen happens in the next couple of weeks, the market is expected to hit a stunning 3,500 days with less than a 20% decline since the bear-market low.

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14 Aug, 2018

When investing in robotics and AI, the devil is in the details

Common business sense says that rising competition is one surefire way to know you’re on to something good. Clearly, ROBO Global’s approach to investing in robotics and AI has been validated—in spades! In the past 24 months, more than 10 new ETFs have come onto the market in an attempt to generate returns by investing in robotics and automation. With the heightened competition, however, come questions. How should investors sift through the noise? What should investors be looking into when choosing a robotics ETF?

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31 Jul, 2018


As the stock market has slowed in recent months, more than a few investors have begun to wonder: Are we in the next bubble for technology stocks?

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