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7 Mar, 2019

AeroVironment: Changing the landscape of precision agriculture

AeroVironment has been making headlines lately, and for good reason. The recent availability of its Quantix™ VTOL hybrid drone and the AeroVironment Decision Support System™ (AV DSS) marks a key shift for the application of robotics and AI in the area of precision agriculture. At ROBO Global, we’ve been anticipating the company’s trajectory since the company became an index member at the inception of the index in August 2013. Since that time, AeroVironment has delivered a 26% annualized return, up 267% from August 1, 2013 through March 6, 2019. The stock has risen 66% in the past 12 months alone. As a pure-play company focused on the development and manufacturing of data-analytics-driven unmanned drones, we agree that AeroVironment is heading for the skies, and we think momentum will continue.

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12 Dec, 2018

Scared to eat that lettuce? Robots & AI are coming to the rescue

2018 has been quite a year for food-borne illnesses. What’s even more disturbing than the sharp rise in food safety investigations (the CDC has investigated a shocking 22 food safety investigations to date) is the fact that food safety could have—and, yes, should have—been dramatically improved with the help of the newest advancements in robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI). In an age when technology is better skilled than ever to improve food safety and keep us healthy, having more investigations in a single year than we’ve seen in well over a decade seems particularly outrageous.

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2 Oct, 2017


September 2017 was a big month for robotics fundings, acquisitions, and IPOs. 26 different startups were funded to the tune of $485 million, up from $369 million in August. Six acquisitions were reported during the month including Deere’s acquisition of California Blue River Technology for $305 million. And Restoration Robotics’ IPO will start being listed on NASDAQ early in October.

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