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22 Oct, 2018

ESG investing in the age of transparency

We have entered an extraordinary age of transparency. For the first time in history, shareholders, customers, employees, and society as a whole are demanding that businesses make themselves 100% visible. The outside world is now seeking an open window into every aspect of operations, such as financial data, employee grievances, email communication, #MeToo scandals, and more. Included on that long and growing list is ESG—a company’s environmental, social, and governance policies. And almost every piece of that information is available online to anyone who knows how and where to look.

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29 Jun, 2018

ESG moves towards ‘impact investing’ to become a global investor priority

Just a few years ago, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing was making headlines for its ability to give investors a vehicle that allowed them to align investments with their personal values. Often labeled as ‘impact investments,’ funds and stocks that adhered to ESG guidelines were considered feel-good vehicles—but not necessarily the best options from a returns perspective. These were largely niche solutions targeted at Millennials, liberals, and anyone who put their hearts far above their wallets.

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