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22 Oct, 2019

From shapeshifting boats to bionic flowers: MIT’s Daniela Rus is paving the road less traveled

Daniela Rus is in the news—a lot. In September, she was named the winner of the MassTLC Innovation Catalyst Award, an honor bestowed on individuals who are making an “exceptional impact on the Massachusetts technology ecosystem.” (She will be recognized at a celebration at Fenway Park on November 6.) Last week, she was selected to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)—the first graduate-level, research-based AI university in the world, based in Abu Dhabi. Other esteemed board members include the top AI experts from around the world.

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13 Jun, 2019

Fiction vs. Reality: A real-world look at the technologies in Westworld Season 3

If you have yet to jump on the Westworld bandwagon, you’re missing out. That’s particularly true for anyone who is awestruck by the future of robotics and AI. Known for its lifelike representations of tomorrow’s technologies, the HBO series drew accolades and a passionate following after it first aired in 2016. With season three officially in the works, newcomers have plenty of time to get caught up before new episodes air sometime in 2020 (the exact date remains TBD). HBO released the season three trailer earlier this month, giving fans a sneak peak at what’s coming for Westworld—including a whole new world of artificial intelligence.

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30 May, 2019

AI is hitting the road—and not only in self-driving cars

By Henrik Christensen, PhD, Qualcomm Chancellor's Chair in Robot Systems, Director Contextual Robotics, UC San Diego; ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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3 May, 2019

Tackling our big AI challenge

By lllah R. Nourbakhsh, PhD

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25 Mar, 2019

5G: Transforming Tomorrow with the Power of Data

The newest generation of wireless networking—5G—is almost here. As the digital revolution continues to accelerate, so does the demand for data. This fact has made the need for high-speed, connected 5G networks imperative. 5G is the key to transmitting, processing, and storing the massive amounts of data that make our digital lives possible. How will 5G transform the industries of tomorrow? How can investors make the most of this new wave of opportunity? The answers may surprise you.

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24 Sep, 2018

Seeking the Holy Grail: The quest for a safe, reliable, and universally accepted self-driving car

By Daniela Rus, PhDDirector of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

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