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20 Jul, 2019

AI in the Workplace: Say hello to your newest co-workers

By Henrik Christensen, PhD, Qualcomm Chancellor’s Chair in Robot Systems, Director Contextual Robotics, UC San Diego; ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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21 Jun, 2019

AI is shaping the future of shopping and investors stand to benefit

At the local Neighborhood Market in Levittown, New York, customers are getting a first-hand look at the future of shopping. It is here that Walmart is putting artificial intelligence (AI) to the test, applying advanced technologies to increase operational efficiencies and improve customer service in its stores nationwide. Cameras and real-time analytics work together to send automatic alerts when an item is out-of-stock, and then prompt store associates to re-stock the shelves. Using sophisticated demand forecast algorithms, the system even tells workers the precise quantity that should be replaced to help reduce waste while ensuring customer needs are met consistently.

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3 May, 2019

Tackling our big AI challenge

By lllah R. Nourbakhsh, PhD

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25 Apr, 2019

Who’s that knocking at the door? AI has finally come home

By Henrik Christensen, PhD, Qualcomm Chancellor's Chair in Robot Systems, Director Contextual Robotics, UC San Diego; ROBO Global Strategic Advisor

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23 Apr, 2019

Gaining Global Robotics Exposure: A Q&A with ROBO Global Director of Research Jeremie Capron

Q. How do you see AI impacting the investment world?

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14 Feb, 2019

AI is coming! Investors: Are you ready?


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7 Dec, 2018

In the age of Amazon and Alibaba, logistics automation is the key to competing with giants

E-commerce has exploded. A decade ago, the industry barely existed. But in the age of Amazon and Alibaba, retailers with any hope of competing must adapt, adopt, and automate—or perish. This focus on automation had already driven the logistics automation market to astronomical highs. Valued at over $46B today, the market is projected to nearly double in the next five years[1]. Much of this growth can be directly attributed to the e-commerce boon and soaring consumer demand for quick, easy online retail.

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21 Nov, 2018

Here’s what’s coming in the world of robotics and AI. Investors: Are you ready?

Any experienced investor knows that a down market isn’t something to dread. In fact, if you’re investing for the long term, it’s something to celebrate. If today’s market has you wondering where to invest to help bolster your portfolio down the road, one of the most exciting places to look is robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI).

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7 Sep, 2018

Drones are taking flight indoors. Are you ready?

By Raffaello D’Andrea, PhD

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13 Oct, 2017


Shark Tank’s star investor Mark Cuban was spot on when he stated that, “the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of.” His audience at Austin’s popular SXSW Conference back in March may have trusted his opinion, but only a handful likely understood why that statement is so true—and why that reality may make today the perfect time to invest in robotics.

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