Private Company Pioneers in Warehouse Robotics

    As e-commerce continues to be an ever-present aspect of our daily lives, building high-tech, connected warehouses is increasingly critical for companies to keep up with consumer demand.


    Warehouses are highly complex and dynamic environments, creating quite a challenge for companies developing robotic solutions. We had the chance to speak to Plus One Robotics CEO & co-founder Erik Nieves about the demand for robotics in warehouses - and some of the obstacles companies like Plus One are working to overcome. Watch the replay here.


    verity An Unexpected Perk of Drones in Warehouses: Reduced Emissions

    Our strategic advisor Raffaello D'Andrea has had his fair share of experience in logistics automation. From co-founding Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics) to his current venture developing indoor drones at Verity, the positive impacts are reaching beyond the warehouse.

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    Ambi Robotics' Unique Approach to Robot Gripping Challenges

    Ambi Robotics, co-founded by our strategic advisor Prof. Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley, set out to solve the difficulties of gripping novel objects like abstract packages. How? Through the combination of a unique form of deep machine learning and the power of suction.

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