Investing in Technology? These Industry Trends Point to Future Growth Opportunities

25 Nov, 2019

Investing in Technology? These Industry Trends Point to Future Growth Opportunities

From Silicon Valley’s TechCrunch and RoboBusiness, to the Northeast’s Future of Health and Hubspot, we’ve seen a slew of industry conferences and events bring together the top minds and companies in tech over the past few months. As we roll into the final countdown of this decade, everyone is anxious to see the final showcases and sales of the year—investors included.

Investing in technology can be a tricky path to navigate. As a financial research firm, we at ROBO Global closely follow the waves and ripples in the tech industry to ensure the inclusion of the entire universe of robotics, AI, and healthcare tech in our indices. One major component driving the growth of the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index has been the incredible research and funding flowing into artificial intelligence. By simply following the money and paying attention, we believe that investors can capitalize on the early growth of these technology trends. Here are the top trends attracting investor attention today:


The value of cobots in manufacturing cannot be overstated. Once dangerous and caged, industrial-grade robotics were prohibited from interacting with their human-co-workers. Today, cobots make it possible for people and machines to safely work side by side, increasing productivity and interaction.

At the recent conferences, established companies and startups alike took the opportunity to showcase the increasing developments in the realm of collaborative robotics. ABB’s YuMi demonstrated electronic testing, showcasing its ability to perform the precise motions required to complete such an intricate task. Cobots even played the popular child’s game Operation—which can challenge even an adult’s fine motor skills. Teradyne’s Universal cobot was also represented across the conference circuit by a number of companies that showcased its new gripper and process end-effectors.


From hospitality to healthcare, mobile robots continue to shine. While still an underutilized technology, mobile robots were making their way across conference floors this fall to showcase their special awareness and aptitude. Hotels, hospitals, and warehouses serve to benefit immensely as mobile robots are put to work for everything from bolstering customer service to monitoring inventory for faster turnaround.


Boeing’s HorizonX branch displayed a few of its key projects that further pointed toward the potential of drone technologies at TechCrunch’s DISRUPT this fall. Leveraging the power of the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing HorizonX states that it applies the company’s momentum to new business ventures to “unlock the next generation of game-changing ideas, products, and markets.” Every one of the technologies represented was once a pie-in-the-sky idea but have now been brought to life by passion and funding. The applications highlighted their current focus in two key areas: surveillance and delivery.

The end goal of the HorizonX Fortem SkyDomeNetwork Mesh is to provide 3D viewing to monitor and protect a particular airspace. How do they do it? By strategically placing sensors and radars that communicate to allow for security awareness. Another of its projects on display at TechCrunch DISRUPT that simply couldn’t be ignored was a massive drone designed to deliver medical-grade equipment and even human organs. The specially designed compartment features appropriate air-pressures and a temperature-controlled chamber to protect the precious cargo. Check out some of the other ideas being funded by Boeing here.


The venture winner from the RoboBusiness Pitchfire event is one worth noting as it alludes to a much broader trend across healthcare. Robotics and AI technologies have the ability to substantially transform the way we practice and appreciate medicine. As Alzheimer’s disease grows increasingly more apparent with our aging demographic, we anticipate that companies like this year’s Pitchfire winner, Tombot, will continue to gauge public interest.

Tombot has created a robotic dog to provide companionship and social learning skills to both the elderly and those with disabilities. The dog is incredibly life-like, reacting to voices and touches the way that a normal pet would—minus the care needed.


As the tech trends of today continue to pave uncharted paths into the future, one thing remains clear to those investing in the robotics revolution: this incredible growth is not slowing down one bit. By keeping a keen eye on the talents and technologies showcased by startups and established players alike, we stand with conviction behind the growth potential in robotics and AI. ROBO Global’s thorough in-field research allows for early awareness of which direction technology is moving—and provides a much-needed tool for investors to tap into these fast-moving trends.



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