Exploring Opportunities Across The Landscape of AI

    By Lisa Chai, Senior Research Analyst, ROBO Global


    Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be one of the most significant technological developments in human history, transforming our lives at home and at work. We believe that the AI revolution is a multi-decade investment theme set to transform and disrupt the world we live in as it reaches its full potential. In the past decade, major advancements in hardware, as well as massive and growing data sets, have unlocked opportunities to leverage the real power of AI. As the adoption of AI matures in the years ahead, organizations that successfully apply all AI has to offer will emerge as the clear winners in their respective spaces—and those who falter will quickly fall by the wayside.

    For investors, this global race for AI dominance is creating an unprecedented opportunity. But success in this area requires deep insights into the quickly evolving landscape of AI and the ability to discern between hype and opportunity. The ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ) is uniquely designed to capture this transformation of AI, benefit from its ability to help companies rise to leadership positions, and identify tomorrow’s winners early to maximize the potential for growth.

    In this white paper, we explore the history of AI, its expansive applications, and the case for investing in AI as advancements continue to accelerate in the coming decades.


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