A Decade of Growth in Robotics, AI & Healthcare Innovation

    Technology quietly transformed the way we live throughout the 2010s. The rapid pace of revolutions and evolutions came and went so quickly that companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix quickly became tokens in our households and our daily lives. Perhaps most incredibly, this all occurred in an unrealized, ubiquitous manner over the course of just ten short years. At ROBO Global, we stand with conviction behind the incredible investment opportunity that lies in these very technologies and the tremendous growth potential that we anticipate in the coming decades.


    iPad is released by Apple, changing the way that media is consumed.

    Instagram is launched.

    4G is introduced to in the US.


    IBM's Watson defeats the Jeopardy world champion.

    The smart home device market gets a kick-start with the launch of Nest's Learning Thermostat.


    Amazon Acquires Kive Systems, co-founded by ROBO Global strategic advisor Raffaello D'Andrea, creating Amazon Robotics and transforming the capabilities and efficiency of e-commerce fulfillment.

    Launch of Raspberry Pi.


    Deep Learning in machines is made possible due to massive amounts of computational power.

    Collaborative robot sales top 1,000 units.

    ROBO Global launches the first investment product tracking the robotics and automation revolution (ticker: ROBO).


    Facebook researchers' DeepFace identifies faces with 97% accuracy.

    Amazon releases Alexa.


    Tesla releases a software enabling autopilot in vehicles.

    The first wireless and painless continuous diabetes monitoring device hits the market.


    Augmented reality games like Pokemon Go go viral.


    ROBO Global strategic advisor Ken Goldberg's Dex-Net powers the most dexterous robot-picking system to date.

    Over $1 billion invested in self-driving and trucking technologies.


    Alibaba's language processing AI outscores top humans at Sanford University's reading and comprehension test.

    First injectable gene therapy receives FDA approval.


    ROBO Global launches an investment product tracking healthcare technology and innovation (ticker: HTEC).

    Intuitive Surgical's Da Vinci robot has conducted more than 6 million surgeries globally.

    The initial launch phase of 5G networks begins.


















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